Hardware & Logistics Associate | CoWorkr, Inc (INT:UNR)

Hardware & Logistics Associate | CoWorkr, Inc.

We are an IoT company that builds sensors and software to analyze how people use workspace. Our data helps major corporations make decisions on how to design & build more efficient workspaces as well as provide the right environments so their staff can do their best work.

Your work will revolve around administering the hardware for each new client or location. The way it works is that we prepare a kit of 100-1000 sensors for the client. We upload all sensors to our software, prepared instructions for an installer, plan logistics, and ship out the kit. Then we are responsible for monitoring the install remotely, monitoring the system health over the duration of the study/subscription, and then recovering the equipment. When the study is complete, hardware is returned to our office which we need to clean up, restock, and prepare for the next project.

Your work will assist with this entire process. I will train you on each task and you will become self-sufficient in the full process. We ship anywhere from 2-5 projects per week. This number is growing fast so your team will grow as you continue in this position. International students are eligible to apply.

DESIRED MAJORS: Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Hardware & Logistics Associate – CoWorkr (INT)

Interested students can email their résumé to elizabeth@coworkr.co